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Diet Hack - Protein Edition

When cutting, overcoming hunger is one of the biggest hurdles you will have to come up against. It is for

this reason that increasing your daily protein intake is generally always recommended. Along with helping preserve


your lean muscle tissue, foods and meals higher in protein will lead to increased satiety and a feeling of "fullness".


We recommend having meals that have a high protein / calorie ratio because they will leave you fuller for


longer, inevitably leading you to eat less and lose fat. 


Protein Intake on a Cut

Did you know?

Your protein intake should be even higher if you’re dieting to lose fat than if you’re trying to build muscle.

WHY? Because you're in a caloric deficit - which means your body need more protein to preserve your muscle.


How to Grow your Abdominals 

Treat your abdominals like you would any other muscle group. If you are working out for mass and size, perform your core excercise with resistance for 7 - 12 reps, just like you would when training your biceps, quads, or any muscle group. Body weight excercises may tone your abdominals, but are not enough to grow your core muscles to your desired size.


"Fasted Workouts lead to Increased fat loss"

Did you know that working out in a fasted state can burn more fat? When you are in a fasted state (ideally right after you wake up), your body's glycogen and insulin levels, (your body's main source of energy during workouts), are both depleted. This leads to your body turning to fat deposits around the body in attempt to provide fuel for your workout. Studies have show that This in turn can lead to up to 20% more body fat burned when compared to working out in a non fasted state. IT is for this reason that morning cardio sessions are a great tool to aid in fat loss goals.  

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